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Vefele’s Equine Partnerships (VEP) was established in 2012 by Vefele Petruik to provide quality education that brings horses and riders together in harmony.   In addition to serving the established dressage community, VEP aims to provide both competitive and non-competitive riders with a safe and fun environment to grow their relationships with their horses. 


While pursuing success in the show ring, miscommunications often arise that can damage the relationship between horse and rider.  The focus at VEP is to foster the classical collaboration that harmonizes communication between partners. 

At VEP, we work with you by providing common sense and readily understood techniques that strengthen the bond between you and your horse.  This bond  is based on sympathy, confidence, and respect, and as such, will be a strong, enduring bond. 


We at VEP work tirelessly with all riders at all levels and in all disciplines to help each individual rider build a lifelong synergy with his/her horse, and we want to help you do the same. 





Rockefeller is a 16 HH, 20-year-old, 2006 Imported, Dutch Warmblood.  Rockefeller has been shown at all FEI levels, he has received multiple silver medals and a gold medal at Grand Prix in 2017.  He has recieved many positive remarks from judges all over the world.  Several well-regarded trainers have also commented on his excellent disposition and have helped to advance him in his career.  Single lessons and lease options are available to suit your competition goals.  VEP is excited to provide the opportunity of riding and training on a Grand Prix level horse  in order to expand skills for riders at all levels.   




A HUGE CONGRATS to Rockefeller and Vefele!!!  On October 29th at Greenville Equestrian Center they received the last score (a hard earned 62.7%) they needed for their USDF Gold Medal.  They received a very appropriate comment from the judge, “he works hard for you.” For anyone that knows Rockefeller, this horse always gives his heart to those he trusts.  Take a look to our Riding Videos page or click here to watch!


Check out the article written about Vefele and Rockefeller's Journey to Gold by clicking on the underlined link.  



VEP is now offering a School Horse Program!  Click on the image for more information.

Gatsby did well in the Robert Gharibzadeh Clinic which was held at the beginning of September 2017.  Robert was pleased with Gatsby's progress over the last two months, Gatsby is becoming a much more confident and talented horse.  Robert will be returning to Gilroy and there will be another Clinic the end of October. 

Congratulations to Adria Spano and Gala for achieving a 69% their first time out at first level!  We had a wonderful time at American Sporthorse showing on August 28, 2017.  

Congratulations to Vefele for completing the 'Race Thru the Redwoods' 10K run in Felton on August 20th! 

Congratulations to Vefele for completing the 'Wharf to Wharf' 10K run in Santa Cruz on July 23rd! 

On August 12, 2017 Gatsby and Vefele enjoyed showing at the Greenville Equestrian Center, earning a 61% and 67% at second level.  We look forward to showing at this beautiful and professionally run facility again!

VEP's first Educational Presentation was a success!  Thank you to all of those who attended.  We look forward to having more of these presentations in the future!  

Congrats to Vefele and Rockefeller! They achieved their first score towards the USDF Gold Medal!  Rockefeller and Vefele have been partners for 10 years, working their way up the levels. 


The Cowboy Dressage Worlds was a blast! Vefele recieved 73.75% on her self made and chorographed Lone Ranger freestyle. Here she is prepping Lillith (Super Proof) by painting some designs on her rear, idea thanks to some very creative clients. Look to our Videos page to watch the Freestyle finals or click here.

Congrats to Adria Spano on completing her last two PSG scores on Rockefeller! Two awesome rides to finish what you started with your late horse Padrig. Competing it in two shows you earned every ounce of that medal with your hard work, tenacity and willingness to learn how to ride Rockefellers quirky personality. Wishing you great things to come.

What are we up to next?

Our primary trainer has some exciting things on the horizon!  Take a look at where she'll be!  Stop by to meet Vefele and find out more about what VEP has to offer!


February 4-14, 2018 

Training with Shelley Lawder 

Del Mar, CA


February 14-18, 2018

West Coast Dressage Festival   

Del Mar, CA


March 9-11, 2018

Robert Gharibzadeh Clinic   

Gilroy, CA


March 23-24, 2018 

L-Program (Session D1) 

San Juan Capistrano, CA


June 30-July 1, 2018

L-Program (Session D2) 

Burbank, CA


August 25-27, 2018

L-Program (Final Exam) 

Burbank, CA










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