What Our Clients Are Saying About Us  

“I may not know a lot about dressage, but after just one lesson with Vefele, I was able to get the response I needed from my horse with minimal effort. Vefele truly helped me find a better connection with my mare.”  -Renee Murillo, Arabian Horse Owner


"I put my horse in training with Vefele with incredible results! My 14-year-old warmblood has never moved better, and she is light and fun to ride. Her topline developed beautifully, and she seems happier than ever."  -Valerie, Prunedale, CA


"I have ridden with Vefele for about 6 months. I have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons. Vefele is very clear with her classical dressage method and never uses severe techniques. My horse is very relaxed and moves out beautifully. I woud highly recommend Vefele for anyone in any discipline."  -Sing, Castro Valley, CA

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