In order to properly establish the trajectory of our trainer/rider relationship, we would like to meet with you and your horse and watch you train in whatever capacity you are currently training.  This will provide VEP with an overview of the relationship that you have already established with your horse and define the levels of training that have been achieved thus far.  During this meeting, we will ask you questions regarding your training expectations, start a dialogue, and assess if you could benefit from any initial improvements.  VEP will then provide you with a written report that will outline the potential benefits that you could gain from working with us.  In this report, there will be guidelines and timeframes that will clearly delineate what you can expect from our services.  Of course, once we begin working together, the program may be altered; however, this program will be reviewed with you on a monthly basis to identify progress and highlight any concerns that may arise.  The long-term goal is to establish the greatest level of success possible for your rider/horse relationship.  This will always be VEP's focus. 



The foundation of knowledge at VEP is based on years of training under world-class riders.  Vefele, our Principal, has a passion for teaching that allows riders to confidently master the movements and proper equitation to achieve success.  Over time, your horse will become a willing partner in achieving the common goals of your partnership. 


VEP works with both single lesson formats and multi-lesson formats with multiple lessons providing an environment that allows for greater, consistent growth over a longer period of time.  The cost per lesson is related to the number of lessons that you sign up for and will be presented in your rate sheet during your initial evaluation.


At VEP we have trained a number of horses to FEI.  Our approach to training is to bring out the softness and lightness inherent in horse movement, while also emphasizing correct gait.  We have worked with all types of horses and a variety of breeds so we are very fluent in the nuances that exist for each horse.  We also work to bring out the best in horses that are conformationally different.  We would be happy to provide a rate sheet for you upon request.



VEP travels throughout California to conduct Classical and Western Dressage clinics.  These clinics allow for observation of several riders and horses throughout the course of one clinic, and present an opportunity for riders to learn new techniques that they can then apply to their own riding.  If you are interested in organizing a clinic, please contact VEP for pricing and scheduling details.


Group Lessons

VEP offers group lessons in Classical and Western Dressage.  Similar to a clinic setting, the group atmosphere provides all riders the ability to gain knowledge through training at a reduced cost per person.  Group lessons also provide the unique opportunity for riders to watch each other resolve problems and training challenges, which only serves to advance the relationship that exists between each individual rider and horse.  If you are interested in scheduling a group lesson, please contact VEP for more details. 

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