"My name is Vefele Petruik, and I am passionate about horses and all facets of horse and rider relationships. I have been riding dressage for almost 30 years and have trained professionally for over 12 years. My training has taken the form of several world class instructors and programs. As CEO of Vefele’s Equine Partnerships (VEP) in California USA I built and maintained a successful dressage operation in the very competitive California area. In the 2021 Wellington season I immersed myself in the highest level of dressage in the USA. Accompanied by my current FEI Prospect, I took daily lessons with Classical Master Jessica Jo Tate to increase my understanding and personal development. I watched top vets diagnose, top farriers work with problem feet and had the experience of watching multiple Olympic riders train and coach. VEP specializes in creating a deep understanding of rider and horse biomechanics to promote correct comprehension of dressage movements and purpose. With a thorough knowledge of horse mentality and physicality I have successfully worked with complicated horse relationships to create clear results. My passion and goals are bringing more understanding and empathy to the dressage community with a methodical, logical, consistent and compassionate approach. I have developed and improved multiple horses at FEI levels including my main campaign horse, Rockefeller who was trained to Grand Prix by me. I have worked with all levels and disciplines of horses to increase fitness and soundness, mentored over 50 students to various levels including professionals, and utilized these skills on 100’s of cases of lameness and complicated situations to create results and positive outcomes. My comprehensive approach includes developing a clear, written plan to achieve goals and milestones. This plan is reviewed and modified continually as the rider and horse develop the deep relationship required to achieve success, be it in competition or simple enjoyment of that special bond. I have moved back to my home to continue my business and assist new riders in the Victoria area enjoy the wonderful experience of that special bond between a horse and rider."

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At VEP we have trained a number of horses to FEI.  Our approach to training is to bring out the softness and lightness inherent in horse movement, while also emphasizing correct gait.  We have worked with all types of horses and a variety of breeds so we are very fluent in the nuances that exist for each horse.  We also work to bring out the best in horses that are conformationally different. 


Considering our complete and comprehensive training program, we have limited spots so please contact us for availabilty.


The foundation of knowledge at VEP is based on years of training under world-class riders.  Vefele, our Principal, has a passion for teaching that allows riders to confidently master the movements and proper equitation to achieve success.  Over time, your horse will become a willing partner in achieving the common goals of your partnership. 


 Vefele is available for lessons in Victoria BC. If you would like to set up a clinic, please contact for more details.


Vefele travels throughout California to conduct  clinics.  These clinics allow for observation of several riders and horses, and present an opportunity for riders to learn new techniques that they can then apply. 


If you are interested in organizing a clinic, please contact VEP for pricing and scheduling details.

Online Evaluation

In order to establish the trajectory of our trainer/rider relationship, we would be happy to offer an online evaluation.  This is a great opportunity if you are unable to travel to Vefele or cannot organize a clinic. Vefele is available to either chat with you on Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or any other App that is convient. We will then create an evaluation of the current relationship with your horse and discuss goals and exercises to move forward with a postive learning experience for both horse and rider. It also helps if you can provide video of schooling your horse to get a deeper understanding of the process for the partnership. You will recieve a goal sheet to move forward with your riding after the session. 

Florida Trip

Listen to JJ Tate interview Vefele about her trip to Florida

At the end of Vefele's amazing trip to Florida, JJ approached her about chatting about why she made the leap to train with her for the season. Listen to this raw and authentic interview...

“Yesterday, I had a wonderful ride on Flynn.  It seemed like magic.  But in truth, it didn’t just happen.  We both have come a long way and have developed skill and confidence.  I owe it to Vefele’s guidance.  She is so knowledgeable and respects the horse and rider.  I have learned to be patient.  I’m enjoying my horse and the process.  I’m excited about our future and what more goals we will achieve working with Vefele!”  


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